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The game of hockey is growing, but girls hockey is growing 6X times faster than boys! The Michigan Girls Hockey League (MGHL) would like to help your association grow the girls’ game. It’s a win-win when the game grows: the girls get more opportunity to play, and your association grows its player count and revenue. After all, hockey is a lifetime sport, the opportunity to create lifetime players – male and female. ​ ​

  • The NCAA reports significant growth in women's team counts – Since 2003, DI has grown from 30 to 35 teams and DIII has grown from 40 to 66 teams. ​
  • It was recently reported in USA Hockey that 12% of the youth players in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are female. ​
  • For the 19/20 season, Kensington Valley Hockey Association (KVHA) in Brighton reports that almost 20% of players are female, with 7 girls only teams. ​

​ At KVHA, they have found one of the best strategies for growing the game is to provide an opportunity for kids to try hockey through Try-Hockey-for-Free events, which remove barriers to trying hockey and demonstrating the fun and many great benefits of playing hockey. Their Try Hockey for free summer events yielded – From a total of 42 participants (kids who actually were trying hockey for the first time), they had 17 join the Learn-to-Play program and 3 join either a mini-mite or mite team, which is almost a 50% conversion rate. ​

Girls specific Try Hockey for Free events are particularly supportive - The KVHA Girls Try Hockey for Free in Oct had 50 girls participating, with 33 girls on the ice for the first time! ​

Click the steps below to open important information on how to grow the game in your organization!

If you need any help growing the game, please reach out to a board director or officer. We are here to help in any way possible to expand girls hockey.